Temporary URL for virtual server

I have a CentOS 6 box with Virtualmin GPL.
I’ve been loving it so far, Virtualmin is a really powerful system once you get to grips with it.
However, I ran into problems trying to set up temp URLs for my virtual servers. Can anyone help me out?

Short version:

I ran into an issue recently where I couldn’t figure out how to arrange some sort of temporary publicly accessbile URL that would allow me to view a website that hadn’t had a domain pointed to it yet?

For example, I set up a virtual server for example.com. I haven’t updated example.com’s DNS settings yet - and I want to make sure the site is working before I flick the switch.
How can I access the site before example.com is working, WITHOUT using another domain?

Bit more detail:

I have set up an alias using a spare domain I had, and got that working properly - but this spare domain is no longer spare, so I have nothing to point to my server that isn’t already in use.

Ideally it would be nice to set something up to work on http://my.ip.address/example.com/, and even nicer if that could be done automatically on new virtual servers.

Is there a tool to do this?

Any help gratefully received


The recommended way to handle that really use to use a spare domain name. You can get those for $9 at namecheap if you don’t already have one :slight_smile:

You could also do some minimal testing by logging into Virtualmin, and going into Service -> Preview Website.

There’s some additional details on that here in the article titled “How do I make domains available before the DNS changes are made at the registrar”:


Thanks for the reply, that’s exactly what I needed to know.
Fantastic, thanks again :slight_smile: