temporary sub domains for new servers


Is it possible to setup Virtualmin so that when you create a new virtual server, as well as DNS records for the domain, it could setup a subdomain while the customers new domain is registered.


so they can use this immediately?


This is a pretty cool idea. We can do part of it with templates:

In the Apache directives, add something like:

ServerAlias ${DOM}.my-server-name.com

And then we need something in BIND, but we can’t do it in the new zone–it has to go in your zone on your machine. I’ll create a wish ticket in the bug tracker, and see if Jamie can come up with a way to make this easy in a flexible and simple way. The wish ticket is here:


Jamie will probably have some thoughts and will likely roll us a new version with some kind of solution.

In the short term, of course, you could just add the record to your zone manually. A little less than perfect, but will get you rolling with this capability immediately.