Temporary email address

Is it possible to set an temporary email address for a spezific time and after timeout the adress is deleted?

If not it would be a nice. Feature.


While not built-in I suppose one could build a simple script against the CLI which creates the mailbox, then deletes it at a scheduled time.

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Would it work for you if the messages in the temporary mailbox which were older than, say 24 hours, be deleted automatically? Virtualmin can do that for you.

Before I use Usermin to manage my emails. I used “mailcow” there was an option to generate an temporary address. Like

“473829ei4u483929u4883@domain.tld” then you can choose between 1 hour and 1 Month. After the selected time the Emailadress is deleted.
Good for newsletters. :slight_smile:

Maybe an nice feature. @Joe?

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