Template variables for emails

Are there any variables (like $DOM, $USER etc.) that can be used in auto response emails?

I am trying to use a single message template as shown below so that I don’t have to change them for each and every domain. However, the email that is sent actually contains $DOM rather than the domain name. Is this possible? I have tried using ${DOM}, $DOM and $mydomain but emails don’t recognise any of these, it just prints it out as text.

Email message format in auto-response:

Please note that ${DOM} has now closed and is
in the process of being deleted.

If you are interested in purchasing the domain name ${DOM}
then please contact XXX.example.com for further details with the subject
"Sales Enquiry: ${DOM}"

Please note that your email has not been delivered.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

Chris: Adelphia Interactive

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Server: Ubuntu
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