Template for WordPress MU with multi-domains and mail account


I am trying to configure a new Template Server in a VirtualMin 3.97 on Ubuntu 12.04.

I have a working WordPress Network with domain mapping (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-mu-domain-mapping/) that is hosted by a Provider and I would like to transfer all my website to the new server (for better performance ^^).

The main WordPress Network domain is transfered and configured on the new server.

How could I create others domains that will have no website / database because they will be hosted on the main WordPress Network website. But I want to have the other function working (mail, DNS, logs, stats, …)

It may not be possible !?

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:


I advise you to use this tips… That will help you, i had the same issue, the wp script you can install if you follow the tutorial provided in video at this link: https://www.virtualmin.com/node/24481.

With Virtualmin/Webmin you can copy right now your other domains and create new ones, How?

First, lets find out what do you have… Are you running webmin/virtualmin now in your server? If you do follow this steps:

  • Login in to your server in webmin/virtualmin control panel;
  • On your right side look at (Create Virtual Server);
  • Type your domain name and description and password, leave all the rest intact;

New domain created, now you need to configure wp on that if you need also joomla its your choice look at my link on top or check this out:

Is this right or you need to install first the webmin/virtualmin?

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Ubuntu, VirtualMin and WordPress are installed and configured. If I change my host file, I can access different website with different domain name on the WordPress Network installation. It’s Ok.

What I need is to add a new domain name without adding Apache / MySQL datas.
I just want to create user with domain to give them the possibility to manage their email account, DNS, etc…

Thank you for your time and your help :slight_smile:


Sorry the time i took, that is a simple solution, follow these steps:

  • Login in your virtualmin
  • Choose on your right side, create new virtual user
  • Type your domain name and password
  • On Enabled features tab you have the features your client will use, just uncheck the ones you dont want him to use.

That is it, click on Create Server and it is done!

Then you can test it if you logout from the same address you are in virtualmin and login with the user and password that you have just created.

I hope this helps you! I run a test for me and its working perfectly. Best regards!

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You are right !
In fact I have to create an Account plan and not a Server template for having these parameters automatically applied on creation.

Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

You are welcome te-deum!

Best regards,

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