Temp Folder For backups (Not the temporary webmin directory)

Linux Fedora 33 - any other os ive used virtmin on lots of systems.

Ive searched and searched and searched and cannot find an answer to this . ALot of people seem to have the problem where their main or temp (/tmp) drive is too small to create backups and they change the webmin setting for the temp files. but i’ve already done that, i have a huge separate partition for the webmin temp folder. HOWEVER virtualmin creates a bunch of files in ~user/.backup to temporary create mail files and other stuff… My domains have TONS of email and i need to get virtualmin to use the temp folder for this as well and i cannot find the option anywhere at all! Please help or add a feature to change this folder…I have to do seperate mail backups, then the rest of the features in another backup… PLease advise theres gotta be a way to define this somewhere???

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