Technical support

All email I send from my new virtualmin server is being treated as spam by gmail, yahoo, msn. I have a ptr record set up at the colo for the helo. I have spf records set up for the helo and domain name. No good. I have been authorized to pay for tech support from virtualmin to resolve this issue.

Can you offer what your systems hostname is? We can use that to look up a few different things, including DNS settings and if it’s listed in any black hole lists.


Gave a call to the colo and ended up deleting the spf record for the domain, kept the one for the helo[ehlo]. Only yahoo is landing in the spam bin now. I am sooo frustrated with the whole yahoo thing. This is a show-stopper for deployment of the server, as far as the boss here is concerned. Server hostname going out in the helo is I checked the and The ip looked clean to me. I tried to find a way to contact yahoo, no dice. They autoresponded a form to fill out for the server. I will give that a try. Any info you can give me, I would appreciate.

Also, management here is looking for a backup to me for technical support issues, in case I get hit by a bus (lots of buses around here :wink: . The owner is looking for a phone number he can call to discuss what’s available.

Thanks for your help, as always. The virtualmin software is quite awesome.


Aha, it’s possible that you have a DNS issue that could be causing some of the trouble.

Check out, and enter your domain name, "".

It looks like they’re seeing one of your listed nameservers not responding.

The good news is that your server isn’t listed in any RBL’s and such, so it’s hopefully just a matter of clearing up some of those DNS related issues.

The form yahoo sent me in response to a request for help was filled out and sent to yahoo. They replied that they could not help me unless I had a published privacy policy. We do not do e-commerse or broadcast any type of email, keep no broadcast lists, etc., and therefore have no privacy policy.

The spam situation was only resolved by the administrator at the colo contacting someone at yahoo to whitelist the server.

I think yahoo is carrying the anti-spam thing a bit too far. I have test accounts set up everywhere (gmail, msn,etc) and none of them gets very much spam. The account I have at yahoo gets as much spam as the rest of them. So much for their efforts. What a pain in the neck.