Teaser screenshot of new Virtualmin theme

Howdy all,

I’ve been holed up in the New Mexico mountains for the past two weeks with slow Internet and not a lot of distractions. I’ve put the time to good use, and have learned enough JavaScript to overcome several of the major issues that have been preventing Virtualmin from becoming a single-page application…which is a mandatory step to becoming an AJAX-enabled application.

So, I’m probably two weeks away from releasing an alpha version of a Bootstrap+jQuery theme for Virtualmin (and Cloudmin and Webmin and Usermin). It’s not in a testable state yet (about half the time when clicking it doesn’t do anything useful; the other half of the time it does something dangerous), but I’ll begin rolling alpha versions out into the repo as soon as it’s in a mostly usable state.

I just wanted to share where I’m at with it currently. It’s not exactly pretty (it’s almost wholly unstyled, keeping it simple and stripped down while I sort out functionality)…but, it’s already looking cleaner and in some ways prettier than our current them. Switching to Bootstrap also provides a well-known set of theming conventions, and dozens of excellent free themes already made. I’m pretty excited about the potential of being able to hire designers who just know good design…they won’t need to know Perl or Webmin’s backend anymore, which is a vast improvement over the current state of theming for Webmin.

Without further ado, here’s what it looked like at the end of my hacking on it today: http://i.imgur.com/UdTdqZC.png


While it may not be obvious in the picture what the difference is, I made a huge amount of progress today on getting the new theme closer to usability. It’s also looking slightly prettier, due to converting more typography to bootstrap standards and moving some things into bootstrap panels.



Today was mostly spent on converting one of the table-based UI elements to a Bootstrap panel and grid layout. But, it also included fixing some of the link events to more clicks actually do something useful.

It’s still not ready for anyone to test it…but, it’s coming along. I’m more confident than ever of my estimate yesterday that this theme will be mostly usable alpha quality with all of our core modules (including Virtualmin and Cloudmin) within two weeks.

The links above don’t work:

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There may have been a temporary problem with that site… the links are all working for me now though… give it another shot and see if those work.



That new theme looks great !

Looks awesome so far!

when will this bootstrap theme be released?