TB cannot coonect to some mail accounts

**Operating system:**CentOS 7.8
OS version: Webmin 1.973

HI, still am struggling with connecting to mail accounts. Lastly had some successes in connecting TB, but now again I hit a wall… also Usermin does not open up (another topic, but any idea?)

“Thunderbird failed to find the settings for the email account” … is there a file TB is looking for to get the settings etc? Can this file be missing? If so, how can I create this?
Any other idea?

Thx a million


When you say Usermin “does not open” do you mean logins aren’t working? This may not be a coincidence.

Is this during Thunderbird’s auto-discovery and if so, have you tried manually entering server names and ports? If that isn’t working will it connect over insecure ports 25 and 143?

Do other clients have the same problem or only Thunderbird? You could try uninstalling TB, deleting old profiles and reinstalling.

There are many ways for mail clients to fail – from DNS to port 25 blocking to bad SSL to services stopping because of configuration mistakes… It’s impossible to say without more details. For instance, if connections to SMTP or IMAP or both are failing.

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