System Information link stuck

CPU load averages 0.74 (1 min) 0.69 (5 mins) 0.57 (15 mins)

This has been showing up for the last 85 or so times I logged in.

I can’t remember the day it began, but it is obvious that the information is not being read when the “button is pushed”.

Where can I look to see if the cgi is running correctly, or if I have a permission problem or some such reading /proc ???

Is the script running regularly from root’s crontab?

It’s up to you as to how often it should be run, but /etc/webmin/virtual-server/ should be called regularly – it’s run every 5 minutes by default.

I shall have to look at that.

I assumed the link was an "at the moment" result of the cgi.

Guess I was way off on that one.

Yep. Sure 'nough. It was commented out. I sure don’t remember doing that. Hmmmmm.

Is it possible it was an unfinished upgrade or something that commented it out and not back in?

Oh well, should be fixed now.