System Base updates

Little help please with System Base updates. ( for noob of course :wink: )
Questions is, Virtualmin Pro run on CentOS 6.7 & system already have about 421 Package updates including PHP 5.3, BIND & MySQL .
How to update System Base software to not “break” Virtualmin packages ?
How to configure to update only necessary Virtualmin/CentOS packages ? Or maybe I have disable CentOS-Base-repo & I have to do only updates from Webmin/Virtualmin Pro repo ?
Another question: what about Webmin/Virtualmin for CentOS 7, can I use the same Virtualmin licence to install CentOS 7 Server & move all websites to new server ?
Thanks in advance


If the updates you’re seeing are all from standard CentOS and Virtualmin repositories, and you don’t have any third party repositories enabled – I would highly recommend upgrading all of those packages.

Also, if you are looking to migrate to a new server, it’s no problem to install your existing license onto a new server for the purpose of a migration.

There are some details on how to perform a server migration here:

Resolved, Thank You !

Thank You