Synchronize Virtualmin mailbox with Horde

I’m sorry if it is off-topic, maybe not.

I have CentOS 6, webmin/virtualmin panel and I just install Horde 3/imp 4.

In my virtualmin panel I have many email configured, but when I acces Horde and I try to login with email/password or user/password, Horde tell me login or password not good.

What I have to do to Synchronize Virtualmin mailbox with Horde?

Thanks you



How is Horde configured to check email?

My recommendation would be to set it up to communicate with Dovecot on port 110 (POP) or port 143 (IMAP) on the local server.

Then, it can authenticate against Dovecot, and use POP/IMAP for retrieving email.


Thanks you, but I have found, I needed to configure


$servers[‘imap’] = array(
‘name’ => ‘IMAP Server’,
‘server’ => ‘’,
‘hordeauth’ => false,
‘protocol’ => ‘imap/ssl/novalidate-cert’,
‘port’ => 993,
‘maildomain’ => ‘’,
‘smtphost’ => ‘’,
‘smtpport’ => 25,
‘realm’ => ‘’,
‘preferred’ => ‘’,