symbolic links and php permissions

I noticed a message while in virtual min talking about php permissions and symbolic links. (See attached file) Upon applying the fixes, three of my sites using a content management system are showing a 500 internal server error.

I need to understand what was changed during the “fix” process.

How can I reverse these fixes at least temporarily until I find a working permanent fix?


Should always do a search first. :wink: Found the answers @ post



If you receive a 500 error after the security fix, correcting that is usually fairly simple (and often just a matter of tweaking your .htaccess file).

You can see exactly what needs fixed by reviewing the error in $HOME/logs/error_log.

It sounds like you may have gotten some of that straightened out now though, which is great :slight_smile:


Thank you Eric.

Is there any thing these patches could have done that would make it not possible to login to a content manager, such as wordpress or MOXx?


Not that I know of, but you may want to review those Apache error logs just to make sure nothing shows up in there.