Symbolic link

Dear all,

I just have installed the latest version of webmin 1.360 on my debian server. I’m able to start webmin on https://my_ip:10000, but i want to create a symbolic link to the login page. so i can link a button to it.

this is what i mean: ln -s {target dir/file} /var/www/site

I don’t know the file where to start(the main/start page of webmin).

Can anyone tells me the file where https://my_ip:10000 starts, so i can link it.

thanks for any respond.


A symbolic link won’t do what you’re after.

You’d want to create either a redirect or a proxy rule in your webserver.

Thanks for you’re respond,

that is exactly my point, i want to know the file/dir where to redirect (like /usr/share/webmin or so).

i want to create a index folder. when you clicking on the link webmin it redirects you to the login page.


Hey Anton,

Ah, I guess I didn’t make clear that Webmin doesn’t run under Apache–and Apache can’t run Webmin very well (and Virtualmin even less so). You’d want to proxy over to Webmin’s port if you want it to appear as a subdirectory of an Apache website. You can’t simply tell Apache to load Webmin files directly.

Here’s the documentation for doing that:

There’s also documentation at the top of that page for running Webmin under Apache, but this is not recommended.

BTW-The Webmin home is possibly different depending on OS and how you installed. If installed from RPM, it’s in /usr/libexec/webmin. If deb, it’s in /usr/share/webmin. If tarball, it’s probably in /usr/local/webmin-1.360 or /opt/webmin-1.360 (but it is configurable at install time).