Switching mail server from postfix to sendmail


I am planning to switch over from postfix to sendmail. This is because postfix is causing issues with a Cisco Pix firewall that has been installed by my ISP, who have refused to remove their ESMTP filter.

Am on Vitualmin 3.79 GPL. Planning on sendmail 8.13.8 which is available thru yum repository. I used to run sendmail earlier, with a single domain and it was quite bulky.

Is Virtualmin able to manage multiple domains with sendmail ? Will the mailbox locations change ?

Will appreciate any inputs.

Please ignore this post, it seems both sendmail and qmail cant get past the Pix Firewall bug.

hey there,

I did the reverse the other day - sendmail to postfix, the mailbox locations stayed the same… it actually went surprisingly smooth.

also, I didn’t run into any issue hosting multiple domains when I did have sendmail running.

hope this helps

EDIT just saw your ignore this post comment, oops