Switch Jailkit setting using command line

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is there any way to switch on/off the Jailkit setting (Owner limit) using the command line? virtualmin modify-limits does not have the appropriate switch.

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Have a look at modify-domain. From the help:

If your system supports chroot jails with Jailkit, the --enable-jail
flag can be used to force all commands run by the domain to execute in
a jail. Conversely, this can be turned off with the --disable-jail flag.

I have webmin-virtual-server 6.08.gpl installed and don’t see --enable-jail in the help text of modify-domain. Running it like virtualmin modify-limits --user domain.tld --enable-jail I get the output Unknown parameter --enable-jail

I can enable it in the Virtualmin web UI without problems at Administration Options > Edit Owner Limits > Other restrictions: Chroot jail domain Unix user


virtualmin modify-domain --domain DOMAIN.COM --enable-jail
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Ah - got it - thanks!