Switch default-webserver from nginx to apache - possible?

OS type and version: Ubuntu 20.04
Webmin version: 1.984
Virtualmin version:
Related products version: RECOMMENDED

I’ve installed my last virtualmin als LEMP.
Now that I’ve read, that it’s still not possible and not planed to have an fully nginx & apache integration (nginx for static, apache for php-files), I know now, that I better stay on apache.

The reasons are:

  • .htaccess out of the box (e.g. for wordpress, and other websoftware)
  • apache also can do caching
  • I do need as simple as possible setup for new VirtualServers (in best case no seperated manual installation)

So my Question is:

Can I switch to Apache (LAMP) with virtualmin in a easy way (e.g. CLI-Command), or do I better setup a brand new installation with LAMP?

Try to archive this:

My aim is to have full apache (with multiple php) integration straight in the Virtualmin-Server-Settings per VirtualServer (which means it has to replace the Services > Configure NGINX Websites menu)

Form a server admin point of view, Virtualmin’s Features and Settings screen will let you disable the existing Nginx web server and enable Apache - which will cause it to be installed on your server and configured to serve the existing virtual servers, all via the Virtualmin GUI. Virtualmin has done what it has been told to do by the owner / administrotor, who has been able to accomplish a major change on the server just by unchecking one box and checking another in Virtualmin.

However there is no guarantee that all the websites you host on that server will operate normally after this operation. While simple websites should work after Nginx has been replaced with Apache, Virtualmin does not have the intelligence to understand the specific custom configuration and directives which work with Nginx and convert them to work with Apache. The user / administrator will have to do this manually on a case by case and virtual server by virtual server basis.

That’s my understanding of this niche operation, based on something which I had tried a long time ago.

Ok, thanks. I think I set up a brand new one to be sure.
Thanks @calport

No, it won’t.

Features and Plugins does not install any software or reconfigure anything other than Virtualmin itself (it wouldn’t be safe to do modify system services in that way on a production system).

This is the correct path.

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