SVN Question

Coming from a Windows server using TortoiseSVN Server GUI interface, we are used to remote logon to the server, rightclick on our website folder and press SVN Update to update our websites.

How would you recommend we use SVN with Virtualmin (GPL) , as close to the previous solution as possible?

I have read the SVN section on the documentation, and tried setting it up - however i don’t see how to get it to work with our previous Windows solution.

Can you please explain further what you’re trying to do?

It reads to me like you’re mixing up two things. You talk about “pressing SVN Update”, which would be a client command. Virtualmin though implements the server side of SVN.

You can use a Virtualmin-hosted SVN repository just like any other, from a client point of view. Just make sure to add the “/svn/” at the beginning of the path name, since Virtualmin uses that in its Apache “location” directive setup.

Otherwise, what exactly is the problem? :slight_smile:

The way we are used to use SVN on windows servers:
We install a SVN server and use our Windows work servers as “Clients”.

We would remote access to our Windows servers, go to our C:/Apache2/wwwroot and make a Checkout of the site, then the new website would be up and running.

Okay, so what exactly is the problem with using Virtualmin as SVN host?