Suse - LPAD - Restore Backup error

I’ve been trying to build a Suse server using Postfix and the Suse setup seems to require that LPAD is running. All of the LPAD setup has been done with Yast2. (I did try following the doc on setting up LPAD with webmin but never left the starting block. I was never able to start the server (stopping Yast’s first) and always get the message “Failed to bind to LDAP server as cn=manager,dc=dvd : Invalid credentials” and try as I might I can not find out what this means. tried all sorts of cn’s=)

I think I have it configured correctly with Yast but that’s really hard to tell as I’m venturing into areas outside my knowledge!

When I try to restore a backed up database I always get the following messages.

Creating aliases for administration user …
… aliases failed :

Adding to email domains list …
… Mail for domain failed! :

Restore failed : LDAP add of,ou=people,dc=dvd failed : objectClass: value #0 invalid per syntax

Any help or pointers would be gratefully received.