SURVEY: How do you configure DNS in your environment?

SURVEY: How do you configure DNS in your environment?

The following scenarios assume you have a REGISTRAR holding a domain called EXAMPLE.COM; you are hosting EXAMPLE.COM using VIRTUALMIN; and the hosting server is called SERVER.

Select from the following options that best describes your DNS configuration:

a) REGISTRAR has DNS service set to NS1.EXAMPLE.COM and NS2.EXAMPLE.COM so all DNS records are handled by VIRTUALMIN at the SERVER level.

b) REGISTRAR has DNS service set to NS1.REGISTRAR.COM and NS2.REGISTRAR.COM so all DNS records are handled at the REGISTRAR level.

(also, if you answer OPTION B above, please also mention if you keep VIRTUALMIN DNS enabled or disabled for the SERVER, and if you have DNS enabled or disabled for EXAMPLE.COM)

I use OPTION B (registar handles all DNS). eNom is my registar, and their DNS servers are scattered around the globe, so when I make any DNS changes, they propagate within minutes or usually seconds.

I enable DNS at my SERVER level, I tried to disable it but Dovecot (or Postfix) complained or errored-out.

I disable DNS for all domains, so all NS and TXT records are handled by my REGISTRAR.

I use option b also. It is a pain to get clients to alter A records at their own registrar if server ip address has to be changed though.

bind dns is also still running on my server…seems to complain when it isnt.

I use A so I don’t have to manually add/edit records each time a domain is created. And I subscribe to a secondary DNS which is automatically updated as well.

Option A here. I have a couple of inexpensive, low resource VPSs that are geographically separated that I use as NS2 and NS3. My Virtualmin server is NS1. When I make changes on NS1 (such as adding a new virtual server), they are distributed to NS2 and NS3 automatically. This isn’t overly hard to do, but needs a little bit of forethought.

scotwnw, are you using virtualmin to also register new .com’s?
In the event that one isnt doing that, dns still has to be manually pointed at nameservers from registrar end anyway.

No, I use WHMCS for managing/registering domians. Set the default NS in WHMCS and new domains are set to that upon registering.

Option A all the way. I find it smoother. I guess it comes down to personal preference.

I use option A as well. I don’t want to lose time and manually do all the dirty work. Maybe there is a better option out of those you’ve mentioned but I’m not aware of it.