Suggestion : that virtualmin tells if a backup is still ongoing

Hello !

I have some very big sites (dozens of gigabytes each), with two backups scheduled per week, and for this reason the backups always take a considerable time, especially the part where a tarball is made of the home directories, the databases are dumped, and the backups are FTP-uploaded to my backup location.

That is generating significant inconvenience, as I am not sure I will not be interrupting a backup on the occasion I have to reboot my server, for instance, or I will be witnessing significantly higher CPU and HDD usage without being sure I can relate this to a backup process.

Here is my suggestion: that somewhere in virtualmin, we are shown if there is a currently active backup process, and what it’s currently doing (archiving, dumping, uploading).

Thanks for the great software !
Kind regards


Hmm, that is an interesting suggestion.

I’m going to be talking to Jamie today, I’ll run the idea by him and see what we can do.

Adding that somewhere in the status screen, or maybe in the backup area, would be a nice touch.