Suggested SSL certificate type for securing Virtualmin, and other services

Hi folks. I’m wondering if a whildcard SSL certificate is the best to use for securing Virtualmin’s associated services, WHMCS installations, etc? I need to make sure that it’s the most cost effective cert I can find. Most likely, I’ll be going through Namecheap as the provider.

Howdy folks: again, I’m trying to confirm if a whildcard SSL certificate will be good enough for securing, (where my WHMCS installation lives), etc? I’m just trying to decide on the most cost-effective solution.
Or, should I spend money on multiple certs? I’m just curious what you folks suggest on that aspect, as I do want to get this addressed at some point.


If you want multiple SSL certs, you would need multiple public IP addresses.

If your interest is in securing,, and other * domains, a wildcard cert is typically the best way to do it.

Since wildcard certs are expensive, your other option would just be to get one standard cert, perhaps for something like “”, and to use that one cert for all the services you’re looking to secure.

For example, you could redirect to