Suexec error when Checking Configuration Debian

Sorry. I was the one that brought Debian into the conversation.

I am at redwood virtual hosting. They offer all 3 Debian releases. My control panel report that I have the stable (etch) version. Webmin says I have lenney.

Apt-get is going to testing. At a loss as to how that happened. Setting back to etch I now can get MySQL running where I could not before.

Just sent a message to redwood support to see why this is so. And to get their recommendations on how to rectify the situation.

The install may be totally screwed up as a result of this. If etch was installed and the apt-sources set to testing things would be out of sink.

Any suggestions?


I have no idea. I’m, by no means, an expert on mixing and matching apt repositories on Debian. I’m pretty stodgy and conservative about where I get my packages from on my servers, and I generally recommend folks do the same (though the volatile repository on Debian, for clamav and spamassassin, seems a good compromise). :wink: