Suddenly Virtualmin Installs Fail

OS type and version Almalinix 9.2
Webmin version REQUIRED
Virtualmin version GPL Installer 7.1.2
Related packages SUGGESTED

Today during multiple attempts at installing Virtualmin on Fresh Installs of Almalinux 9.2 Minimal OS - Virtualmin Fails everytime. I think it’s been 5 - 6 days since last Virtualmin installations on the same OS and those did not have any issues.

I did notice that the GPL installer says 7.1.2 yet Virtualmin is on v7.7

[ERROR] Something went wrong. Exiting.
[ERROR] The last few log entries were:
usermin-1.861-1.noarch Error: Transaction failed

The installer is not Virtualmin. It is the installer. It has its own version.

AHH, I was kinda wondering about that.

I downloaded webmin 2.102 manual install, same with usermin 2.002

My plan was to install Virtualmin through module in Webmin but wen I logged in to webmin
Virtualmin was installed - However, Post-Installation Wizard hangs at step 2 install clamV

This all just happened so I have not even had a chance to attempt trouble shooting the issue yet.

No. Don’t do that.

Way too late by the time you made that comment.
I’m about to just uninstall it all together reload a fresh OS and install cPanel

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Uninstall it, load a fresh OS and then install Virtualmin with the simple instructions from the Download link at the top of this screen.

We provide instructions for installing Virtualmin on the download page, but I encourage you to use whatever control panel you are comfortable with.

You must not have caught the start of the conversation :thinking:


I caught up I intended to message you earlier. I have everything working , I went through checked all my logs and services everything seems to fine.

However, I still do not understand why the installer was failing when I haven’t had any issues at all on over 60 test installs. Most of those were on the exact same OS install that kept failing today. Also, this did happen 1 time multiple times on the same OS install, after the first fail. I installed the OS fresh again on a few more machines. I wanted to see if there was an issue with the OS installation. The out was the same everytime. As I stated earlier about 5 days ago I installed Virtulmin several times on the same OS with no issues and everytime before that, no issues. Fresh new installs of Almalinux 9.2 minimal install.

I was getting ready to test in a production environment and get pro license but I’m worried now that there will be issues when I install Virtualmin and I get held up.

It looks like support might be faster maybe more hands on with with the pro license?
If that’s how it I’ll go ahead and buy it. I was gonna ask you about support on the Pro license get for that reason anyway. Right now I don’t need features I just want to know I can get an issue resolved quickly If I install Virtualmin on a producton server.

I thought I posted a link to the Docs I was following in my Original post but It looks like I forgot to add it. The link you just provided is the same that I used today when installation failed and same Doc I’ve used every other time. The OS is listed as supported so changing flag to minimal shouldn’t be needed, Fresh minimal insatll of the OS as documentation says, insatalling with Apache so there is nothing to change there - It’s all default so I didn’t see any flags from the --h menu that should be needed? Also, nothing was flaged by the installer as a warning a sevice was pre-installed that shouldn’t be so I really do not know.

Just to make it kinky, I just did an install on RHEL 9.2 and had the exact same failure that was in your first post!

Edit: I just saw that Joe has rolled the installer back.

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Hey, thank you for the input :+1:

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