Suddenly cannot access Virtualmin on 10000

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS
Webmin version 2.021
Virtualmin version 7.7

Just attempted to log in to this box today and get the page of doom " This site can’t be reached"

same using http://IP:10000 or or https://IP:10000
The VS appears to be running ok as I get mail and the website at is working (as are 2 other VS on this box)

Just done a ss -ltn and port 10000 is open

You may have been blocked yourself.

In what way? I have done nothing on this box since last week. Everything seems to be working I just cannot access Virtualmin through the usual port 10000.

Can you access via ssh ? Which is the choice i would use to find out what has gone wrong. Ssh may give an error when it connects if it fails. My providor offers a kvm login when all else fails, does your provider offer anything like that

Are you accessing from a Linux box?

traceroute -p 10000

It is helpful to have a copy of the output from this command in your notes from when you don’t have a problem for comparison. Mostly to see the providers infrastructure and last hops.

no access via ssh.

Got me there via the world london-amsterdam-toronto (30 hops max)

Not quite but they do grant an emergency access (which worked) so I’m guessing a reboot is an obvious option.

and checking the state of network before the reboot to workout why you lost connectivity. I did have this happen when I added a second IP to a Ubuntu server via the webmin interface …

No such change here.
I checked the logs (the obvious ones) and other than some crazy activity on one of the VS (not too unusual - other than timing) everything was running as usual. As I mentioned the websites were operational + email ok in both directions. Just the locked out of :10000

I impatiently did a reboot (thanks to the provider’s “Recovery Console”
and that appeared to resolve it - still would like to know what took it down. I was wondering if it was some silent process / cron job that may have gone wrong. but why only this box? nothing out of the ordinary on here - the only system job was a backup and that seemed to have completed.

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