Sudden Display problem

Hi Joe & people,
Just tried to login to my Vmin and although the Index displays ok on the L.H. side, no active details at all display for any option selected, e.g. Scripts, Edit Mail Users etc…

Everything else seems to be functioning ok except for the active information display.

Earlier I did try and install a Script and it was unsuccessful.

The Server is responding fine except for this.


Tried again this a.m. (I’m GMT +10)
and it fired up ok .
I suspect a broken system somehow - auto update doesn’t work. I’m still on V.1360 for Webmin and 3.44 for Vmin (which I think I did a manual update last time.)
(Other post re this other problem)

I suspect you’re running low on memory. That, or your network connectivity has some issues and some requests are timing out.