Sudden Appearance of Many sess_xxxxxxxxx Files a Problem?

All of a sudden on one VPS, I have numerous, a couple an hour, every hour, for 24 hours a day, sess_xxxxxx files appearing in the tmp folder of each domain on that VPS: /home/domainname/tmp.

Should I be concerned? What causes these sess file to be created? If there is a problem, my VPS has been compromised, where else should I look?


Those are typically created via PHP, from within a web application.

It could mean you’re getting more website traffic – whether more legitimate users, or maybe just more bots browsing your site.

It’s not typically a cause for concern though, unless you’re experiencing a high load on your server.


Thank you for explaining that, and allaying my fears. I am new to hosting my own sites, and very much enjoying Virtualmin, but I am a bit paranoid.