Subservers redirecting to a whole domain

Guys, I have an issue I haven’t been able to solve and I can’t find any info for it. My issue is, that my subs are redirecting to an unrelated domain when SSL is added. Here’s an example:, it will redirect to an unrelated site. I can’t find within VM anything related to it. Does anyone have any suggestions, please?. Thanks.

|OS type and version:|UBUNTU 20.04|
|Webmin version:|REQUIRED|
|Virtualmin version:|REQUIRED|
|Related products version:|RECOMMENDED|

Your SSL is not working properly. That’s the problem.

It’s only happening to two domains/subs. SSL is installed.

Being installed doesn’t mean it’s working properly. Yours clearly isn’t. That is why I get the NON-SECURE warnings.

I have removed and re-installed several times and it’s still not working. Sometimes it just goes directly to an unrelated domain normally.

It’s moving to the secured domain on your server rather than the insecure domain.

Are you by chance running Cloudflare?

No, I am not.

Is the site running Wordpress?

No, they’re not either. But, it does this just by creating the sub and adding https… Here’s another one:

Just got the common name error in my browser on that link.


That can be caused by several things. I had that once and it turned out the time on my server wasn’t properly set.

If you Google that error you’ll find a lot of possible causes for it and ways to fix it.

Here’s one:

Thank you, but it’s doing it without having a script installed. I’ve just created this sub and it goes straight to the same domain.

O.K. I set the default VM domain to a different domain and now the subs redirect to the new default…

Thank for your help. I found the issue. Somehow the Virtual Servers affected didn’t include the server’s IP address…

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