Subservers and Licensing

Howdi folks, just checking out Virtualmin as an alternative to cPanel!

Since many fallings out with GoDaddy, I decided to use my real life experience and have been building my own Debiain webservers now for over 18 months, and just managing the servers for my clients who are not really interested in managing domains etc

However I now have a couple of clients who would like their own access to manage FTP users and stuff as their experience grows… hence Virtualmin.

However I have some reservations about licensing and subdomains.

by default, all my clients get their website hosted on their domain name (example, and a subdomain of which contains a copy of their website for them to play with so they dont break the live site

I dont like to use a directory WITHIN the website (i.e as they could inadvertently installed a dodgy plugin and make a security hole to get to the primary domain directory structure.

There are no issues with me setting these up myself at the moment, I just create the directory, write the sites-available file for the domain, create the a record in DNS and done, but it would be cool if my clients had the power to setup their own if they require

However, I see virtualmin appears to handle this kind of thing as subservers, BUT does a subserver of an existing domain use up ANOTHER licence, even though it is a subdomain of primary domain?

i.e and consumes 2 license?


What you’re describing with the development sites sounds like a good idea!

You’re correct though, when using Virtualmin Pro, a sub-domain like you’re describing would indeed count towards your license.

Each individual website, even though it’s just a development site, would count towards that.

If you wanted, you could always use Virtualmin GPL though, which doesn’t have limits on domains.

Or, if you had a second server, you could always put Virtualmin Pro on your primary server, and put Virtualmin GPL on the second server, and use that second server for testing and development (as well as perhaps a secondary DNS server and backup mail server).