Subserver Question

I would like a subdomain to a directory…however i don’t see any way to accomplish this.


Virtualmin handles sub-domains the same way it handles domains – they are all just a type of site that points to /home/USERNAME/domains/DOMAIN_NAME.

So when you setup a new Virtual Server (or a sub-server), you can enter your sub-domain name, and then place your content in /home/USERNAME/domains/SUB_DOMAIN_NAME.


unfortunately that’s now how i want things setup. I would like to point to /public-html/wp
is there no way to accomplish this with virtualmin? if so no prob i can work around it…:slight_smile:

You can configure the website’s document root in the server template for new domains, or in the Apache module later on.

ok so basically there’s no way do what i want inside of the virtualmin interface itself…that’s what i was looking for. Then the subserver functionality for me in this instance isn’t going to work…:slight_smile: NO problem…plan b it is…:slight_smile:

Well, it depends what you exactly want to do in the Virtualmin interface. :slight_smile: Admittedly, I did not fully understand what your aim is.

I just said. I want a sub server that points to the root public_html/wp instead of relocating things under its own folder. it otherwise known as sub-domain to folder. It’s ok i’m just using the direct url instead…:slight_smile:

Okay, you didn’t explicitly say before that you want the sub-server to store its web files under the public_html of its parent. That is indeed not possible, Virtualmin always stores sub-servers in the “domains” folder of the parent’s home.

You can still use your subdomain naming scheme though, leave the home directory of the sub-server empty, and create redirects in Apache instead.