Submit a support ticket to Virtualmin staff for Pro user

Ubuntu 20.04

Usermin fails to start (code=exited, status=25)

Trying to Submit Support Ticket

Collecting domain validation report and config check ..
.. done.

Collecting detailed system information ..
.. done.

Sending support ticket to ..
.. failed with HTTP error : HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden

Need help please?,

While logged into the forum, visit:

*** swap USERNAME with “” ***

This will take you to the messages area of your account, after which you can click “New Message” down the left side of the page.

Send your message to @staff and it’ll be reviewed by one of the 4 staff members.

*** the above method is for sending a “private message” to @staff ***

We have recently updated Virtualmin Support module but haven’t pushed it to the distros yet. It will happen with upcoming Virtualmin 7 release.

Meanwhile, as a Pro user, you could send us a support ticket by using this permalink.

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