subdomains of subdomains?

can vm handle subdomains of subdomains?

for some reason, i can’t get it to work.

for example, – main domain – subdomain – subdomain of subdomain.

I tried everything, but will just not work for me, i used the vm forms, etc… but i just keep getting "server not found"…

Thanks in advance,


You don’t want to do that. A sub-domain account type is just an ownership concept, and has nothing to do with the domain name. I recommend against using sub-domain accounts at all…use a sub-server if you want a virtual server to be owned by an existing account, or a regular virtual server if you want a new account. Any of them can be named anything you want ( can be a virtual server, a sub-server, or a sub-domain–it doesn’t matter, it’s just a name).

See these two docs for more on the terminology:,definitions_for_virtualmin_terms/,virtualmin_for_cpanel_users/