Subdomains and Bind

I have created a pair of subdomains.
Features enabled
‘Web virtual server enabled’ and ‘DNS domain enabled’

None of both are in Webmin->Servers->Bind configuration and they don’t have ‘Services->DNS’ option in Virtualmin either.
What’s wrong?

I’m not quite sure – can you post a screenshot of the “Edit Virtual Server” screen, and make sure both the info at the top is visible, along with all the Features and Settings?


Hi Eric, I’ve enclosed a screenshot. I have erased IP and domain.
If you need them I can send you by mail.
Thank you

PS: This is a new subdomain.
I also have found that even I have checked the ‘include sub-servers’, other sub-servers were not backed up/restored
And even I backup/restore them separately, they are not listed in Bind.

It seems like the
Copying virtual server configuration …
… done

Creating TAR file of home directory …
… done

Saving mail aliases …
… done

Saving mail and FTP users …
… done

Backing up mail and FTP user Cron jobs …
… none to backup

Copying records in DNS domain …
… done

Showing what will be restored
Server’s home directory and web pages
Mail/FTP users and mail aliases
Records in DNS domain, except SOA
Virtual server password, description and other details

Hrm, I’ll see if Jamie has any thoughts, I’m not sure what might cause that :slight_smile:


Okay Eric. Ask Jamie please.
I can recreate those dns but I worry about to forget something in the way.
Thank you

PS: I would ask you to have in my forum preferences to set “Filtered HTML” by default instead of “Markdown Text”

I see the reason for this - because that virtual server is a sub-domain, it’s DNS records are actually in the parent domain, so that link doesn’t appear. You need to select the parent virtual server from the menu, and then click on DNS Domain.

Ahhh, yes, I see. It is a change from my previous version.

Anyway I had to erase an entire VS and restoring it again.

I don’t remember how I performed the first backup.
I made a second incremental one selecting both main domain and its subdomain and checking the option ‘backup subdomains’.
After restoring no trace of named record for the subdomain.

To fix this I created a new full backup selecting the main domain ONLY and checking the option ‘backup subdomains’.
After restore both Bind data are placed at the main domain named file.

Anyway, I had issues with subdomains I hadn’t in my old server with separated named files
There is a pair of Virtual Servers having MX records pointing to googlemail.
Google apps has the option to use the google mail server with your own domain name.
If one domain is, MX records for are pointing to google mail
To solve the problem of server neighbors (mail is treated as local and it is not delivered to google)
I created a subdomain without mail service but with MX records pointing to google.
This subdomain, is set as an alias of in google apps.
In my server, all mail accounts for this domain are set to forward email to which is delivered to google.
When I restored this subdomain, its records were attached to its parent domain but MX record I had to add manually.
The first part is anecdotal!