Subdomain vs Subserver, Default Subserver home directory

Hi every body

My stupid question :(,

  1. navigate to virtualmin -> modul config -> under category: Advanced Options, i found Allow creation of sub-domains?. What is exactly different betwen sub domain & sub server on virtualmin ?

  2. Can i change subserver base directory from /home/$user/domains to /home/$user/whatever ?

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  1. The sub-domain feature was an old feature that existed in Virtualmin that, really, is just a confusing way of doing things and was removed from everything but the advanced options. If you hadn’t gotten used to it being there in the past, I’d try to ignore it :slight_smile:

If you want a sub-domain, no problem, just create a new Virtual Server, and when asked for the domain name to use, enter the sub-domain to use in the domain name field.

  1. I don’t know of a way to do that, unfortunately… I think it needs to be in a sub-directory such as “domains”. I at one point thought there was a way to change the name “domains” to something else, but I’m not seeing a way to change that ATM :slight_smile:


ok, thanks Eric.

all content of '/home/$user/domains ’ in my server is a sub server/sub domain, (,, etc).

Change /home/$user/domains ---->>>> /home/$user/subdomains, is more relevant with their contents. :smiley:

it depends on your mindset. a domain is what it is no matter (this would be a subsubsubdomain then)

you can also create a subserver as a top level domain, and it will act as a top level domain with its own login credentials, but still be a sub server