Subdomain, Subserver not working

Hello, I have a next problem:

Create a subserver, or subdomain on my top level server-domain:


the sub… servers is not working. ERR 404

The subserver settings succesfull created on email, ftp, apache, mysql…etc.
Validate settings on virtualmin->all ok.

GPL: CentOS.5.4, Virtualmin.3.76

What a problem?

you have adns problem. namely “nameserver loop detected” according to

You need to look into your dns settings or per haps the data hasn’t propagated yet and you just need to wait a while (unlikely though).

Looks like your DNS is messed up a bit.

;; AUTHORITY SECTION:    10800   IN      SOA 2010012501 86400 7200 3600000 3600

Check your BIND settings as the below is what you have set for Authority on your TLD.

;; AUTHORITY SECTION:    172799  IN      NS    172799  IN      NS    172799  IN      NS

Thanks this info… I probe revision and setting…