Sub subdomain for virtual servers


I have virtualmin set up on subdomain and I need to set up sub subdomains for each virtual server.

I’ve followed instructions here:

So i did:
"System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default Template -> Virtual Server Creation, and adding your primary domain in “Automatically create alias domain”
see image in att.

It seemed like all went well but (see image in att).
I got servers and server aliases nicely created but aliases are not working.
I also did System settings - Recheck Configuration and evth is ok.

So I have activated other (less secure) solution with Apache UserDir module.
I have site working on:
but I would very much like it to work on: also.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

I am running Virtualmin 4.11.gpl GPL on Debian 7, Webmin version 1.710


Sad to see that nobody can help me.
Another problem emerged:

I thought this supposed to be resolved - I have latest version of Virtualmin and it keeps happening every time I add virtualhost.
I need to delete that extra last line in apache and remove same instance in virtualhost config file and than site works…annoying.