I just created a sub-server from the top level server. I was wondering what url to use when trying to view the webpage. I thought it was supost to be. USING EXAMPLE, AS EXAMPLE. but but I get server not found. On the other hand if I use the site shows up in browser. I’m still rather new at this so if someone could help, it would be helpful thanks.

If you setup a sub-domain named, then you should be able to get to it by typing both “” as well as “”.

It that doesn’t work, you may have a DNS issue. What nameservers are listed for If that isn’t your Virtualmin server, you’ll need to make sure that you have DNS entries in there for that.

One thing you can do is go to, and enter your domain name, as well as your sub-domain name, in there to verify that all the DNS entries are correct.


I’m still rather new at all this, and I think that I have my server setup correctly ubuntu 8.04. I looked into nice place for info. Thanks. But was wondering if you might have time to take a look and see if things are setup correctly. I can see that

Duplicate MX A records ERROR: It seems that all your MX records have the same IP(s):
There is no use on having multiple MX records pointing to the same ip.

is the only error I find. Not sure what to do about this or if this is the problem.

is there a way to send my info privately or should I just post here. That is if your will or can look at it for me.