Sub-server refuse :10000 and :20000 login

Hi, I am new on using virtualmin, and I have one strange problem.

Ok; on my VPS I have Ubuntu 16.04 + webmin + virtualmin . I have 5 domains running (4 servers + 1 sub-server). Each domain is working just fine, have SSL and everything else set.

One problem I have still; I have noticed that Thunderbird won’t connect to sub-server domain. Every other domain (Email) works but not this one. While investigating I saw that I can’t login on that domain using domain.something:10000 or 20000. Thunderbird can actually read configuration for that domain, but while checking conf + user credentials for the first time it gives me error (wrong configuration or username and password).

Where to look? I have tried to make new user and same thing happens. Password is OK. Configuration for that domain are good. I don’t have a clue why this sub-server refuse connection on 10000 and 20000 ports ?

Other domains (4 domains) are working just fine.

@IvanS those ports are used for virtualmin / webmin cp login only and for usermin login only… basically if you type it should open virtualmin / webmin login page… and for 20000 it should open login page for usermin.

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Yes, and those ports work just fine on 4 domains (4 virtual servers), and won’t work on one sub-server with stand alone domain.

is that your main domain - used as FQDN on your server or is it completely different from it?

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It is different domain (one with problems), but sub-server is child of virtual server with main domain FQDN.

@IvanS well perhaps something is not setup correctly, check one of the servers which works and then check configs on troubled one…

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Thanks for trying , I appreciate it. I’m trying to see any misconfiguration but no luck. Don’t know in what direction to look for…

When I find solution I’ll post it here…

Sounds like DNS is wrong for the subserver, maybe? Check to be sure you are actually getting the right address when you check it (with host or nslookup) from your local machine.

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I’ll sure take a look for that . Thanks

@IvanS perhaps faster would be first to check what @Joe suggested, but if that would not work I would still suggest you to check configuration

OK guys, first I’m embarrassed a little bit… Now I have check all again, and saw that problems described have CloudFlare system relation. Each stand alone domain works great.

I’ll try to find solution inside CF panel, and post it here.

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Also make sure webmin login is enabled for that virtual server and mail for domain is also enabled.

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@adamjedgar mate, I think he’s got it… :slight_smile:

Actually I’ve realize that my problem is related to CloudFlare. Still haven’t made it work… Email works fine, user can login to Usermin and read/send email, however email client can’t login.

@IvanS sometimes it take times for dns to propagate properly and cloudflare is all about it… main thing is it is starting to work (I assume that you made changes you need it with them)

Now I saw this and wonder, if I need to add other domains on the list to send email?

Only 1 (one - main domain) is on the list.

EDIT: One more thing, sub-server domain (Email) is working if I use main server domain IMAP & SMTP settings

@IvanS I would really love to help you but I do managing my dns on my own… mean virtualmin, bind and fail2ban to delivery same results as you do… perhaps it would be good advice to just speak with cloudflare support team about this. sorry :fearful:

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I intend to make changes and to manage my own domains without CloudFlare. Thanks for your help…

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