Sub-server problem


I have a parent server( with couple of sub-servers, the problem is that some of them work, and some don’t. I’m using GPL version

For example sub-servers, and aren’t working, therefore sub-servers and are working. What could be the reason?

I’m not going to waste, so I’ll put my another problem here. When I create a server, the zone files aren’t transferred to slave DNS server.

Help would be highly appreciated.


Now I noticed, that the sub-server can be accessed with www in front of it. So works and doesn’t. And again cod2 subdomain doesn’t work eighter way.

Ok, seems to work now, seemed to be a DNS cache issue.

Can someone still advise with the Master to Slave transfer issue?


I’d recommend checking the logs on the master and the slave, to see if there’s any permissions issues going on during the transfer. It could be a port being blocked (via iptables), or perhaps a BIND setup issue where the IP or your slave isn’t setup to be allowed to transfer the zone files.


Thanks for the suggestion. Is there a easy way to turn on the logging,? I’m not quite good with configuring yet.


Well, all kinds of logging should already be enabled.

What I’d do is start poking around in your log files in /var/log – which ones exactly depends on the distro you’re using, but I might start in /var/log/messages. Restart BIND on both servers, and then peek in there to see if you notice any errors showing up.