Sub server not working

my sub server is not working. I am getting following error

This site can’t be reached’s server DNS address could not be found.

I have checked the SERVER Template > Copy Parent DNS settings and its set to to yes & default.

I have waited 24 hours too but still getting the same error. Can any one please guide me on this issue.



Is your Virtualmin server the nameserver for your domain? Or is DNS setup at a third party?

If DNS is setup at a third party, you would need to log into that third party and setup a DNS record for your sub-domain there.


I/m using cloudflare dns setup
I have added A record for subdomain. Lets see when it gets live.

Thanks for the reply.

Update 1 = A records were shown updated via but the site didn’t worked.
I have now deleted A record and added C name record in DNS settings.

Update 2: after adding CNAME, its working now.

Thanks again Eric.