Sub-server MySQL backup failed

OS type and version Ubuntu 16.04
Webmin version 2.105
Virtualmin version 7.9.0

I just lost a client’s database because the Virtualmin backup did not backup the database of a sub-server.

I have a client X, that had a secondary website, Y, and I created it under X, sub-server style.
Site X is completely backed up, site Y, was mostly backed up but the database backup is empty.

I’ve been reviewing older backups and this has happened in all of them.
Now I’m screwed and have lost years of work for a client because of a silly mistake.

On the backup logs no errors were ever found.

I have never had this fail and I use sub servers. How did you setup the backup ?

I made it a regular backup into the server filesystem and then I regularly SFTP to the server to download them to my local machine.
I have 8 virtual-servers, all of them had their database backed up. On the sub-server, the database is empty. I noticed that the backups usually are like virtual-server-hostname_mysql_user.
In this case, the username used to access the database should be “john” - client X, because Y is a sub-server of X and I wanted to use the same username from X, for Y (sub-server). I noticed that the name of the backup file is not hostname_mysql_john, but instead: hostname_mysql_user_y, and user_y was not even being used.

So you used the virtualmin backup system and selected all domains and selected all features, if that is the case I could not even think of why it failed
Pethaps @staff could help

I have tripple-checked it, and I could see sub-server database backed up as expected.

One of the reasons why a database wouldn’t be backup up, is that a database is not associated with the virtual server. Is this the case? Is the database listed in - Edit Databases page?

I’m 99.99% sure it was listed there. I’m not 100% because the server was formatted.

I would like to point out that although I created a sub-server, it had its own domain.
It also seems wrong that the user_y was used for the backup but everything was configured to use only user_x. Hence, the backup should have been performed by user_x, not user_y. Filename of backup is there, but the dump is completely empty.
Something fishy happened, and this sucks because it made me lose 2 years of work, where a simple mysql-dump would have solved it.

Did the original backup only include a selected list of domains? Because if you created a scheduled backup like that, and later added a domain, it wouldn’t be included in the backup (unless the box to include sub-servers is selected).

100% sure it was included in the list. Everything else was backed up from that sub-server. The mysql file is also there but the DB dump is empty.

Hmm … did you get any error message from the scheduled backup for that domain?

Nop, no error messages.

Hmmm … I am unsure as to why this would happen then. If you have other sub-servers with databases, are they backed up?

No errors on the backup log. I had been using this backup scheme for more than a year.
No other sub-servers, only this one and it really made me regret the decision since now a full database was lost.
I suppose that one of the issues must have been related with the sub-server backing up the wrong database name or something.

Hmm … I am confused as to how this could happen then, sorry. The only thing I can think of is if the sub-domain database was somehow disconnected from the domain so that Virtualmin doesn’t know about it .

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