Sub Server Home Directory

Hi there when i create a subserver the paths dont seem to add up im using virtualmin with ubuntu 8.04 i have 4 domains on there everything works great.

I added a sub server to a main server in this instance we shall call the domain i create a new subserver and called it

everything is fine i can see the site both local and non local however the paths dont seem to match when editing the sub server it reports that the home directory is


which i believe is correct however after creating a user in order to access email and ftp it reports that the mail box is located at


which has got to be incorrect also when loggin into the server using FTP it logs me in to


so when uploading a html file to this folder it does nothing.

however if i upload a index file to the folder


everything works fine does anybody know why this has happened ftp send me to the wrong url i have checked the http file for the site in question and everything is in order is there something i missed.

Please someone could anyone provide any assistance i have checked the template settings but cant find any reference as to why ftp is setting the home dir to the above<br><br>Post edited by: Radster, at: 2009/01/01 01:14


The issue you’re seeing is related to the users home directory.

Whenever you go to add an FTP user, go into Edit Mail and FTP users, on way over on the far right is an option labeled "Add a website FTP access user".

Using that option will make sure that the home directory is within the website document root (ie, the public_html folder).