Sub domains settings


I recently joined the virtualmin community and I already need some help from you guys.

I installed a fresh centos 5.4 and then the virtualmin install script and everything went well. WOW

I created my virtual servers thanks to the virtualmin panel for my

Currently, I’m not using BIND server as i’m using the servername of my registar which is enough for my 4 website which i want to settle on this server for the moment.

I created a subdomain at my “registar sever name” called

I would like now, to set the subdomain, on my apache server/virtualmin panel. How to do it easily thanks to the virtualmin panel or apache webmin panel ?

I found a option the advanced panel, System Settings -> Module Config -> Advanced Options -> Allow creation of sub-domains.

Is it the good way to do sub domain creation and management ?


I checked my httpd.conf and i saw that there is a rewrite url rules which say:

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST}
RewriteRule ^(.*) [R]

Do I need to remove this rules ?


Do I need to remove also the “” subsitute name on the network & address panel ?

Thanks in advance for your help again.

Well, the recommended manner of creating sub-domains is simply to create a new Virtual Server, and enter whatever domain or sub-domain name for the Virtual Server name.

You don’t need to enable that feature you found, that does some special things that aren’t typically necessarily – and ultimately things that were more confusing than they were useful.

You don’t need to disable the webmail rewrite conditions – they don’t hurt anything by being there. Though, if you want to disable it, you can do so in System Settings -> Apache Website, and you can tweak the settings for both the webmail and admin URL redirects.

Does that answer your question?


Thank you man. I will look into your way.