Sub-domains by admin users & other questions


honestly, I’m a bit new to Webmin/Virtualmin (GPL), but it does a phantastic job. While working with this tool, I came across some questions about the usage, maybe someone of you could be so kind and point me to the correct direction.

Subdomains: I created a new admin user with a domain. I figured out, that when I’m logged in as root to Virtualmin (GPL), that I can create a new sub-server with a new TLD for this admin user, which is ok in that way. But how do I manage, that an admin user can create a new subdomain on his own without involving the root user?

SSH: The next thing is that those admin users can log in via SSH. Is it possible to deny this? Is it simply enough to add this admin user to the group deniedssh? Or is it better to give the user the shell /bin/false?

FTP: When creating a new email and FTP user, I can bind this user to his own by configuring ProFTPD so:

[code:1]DefaultRoot ~[/code:1]
The idea behind this is, that users should not be able to surf around the server, they may download and see configuration files, etc. But this means that he cannot move up to an upper directory. My idea now is, that this user should get additional links to public_html, for instance. How do I now add or modify a tempatle/whatever so, that on creating a new user, automatically he gets a link set, so that he can do at least uploads?

New domains: when I create a new domain, per default a directory view is shown, when accessing it. Is it possible to copy a default index.html initially during the creation process?

Maybe some more questions may come, when using it more and more. For the moment thanks to anyone in advance for reading and answering.

Regards, Thomas<br><br>Post edited by: Mr._T, at: 2008/03/21 06:43