Struggling with DNS


I recently migrated from cpanel to webmin/virtualmin and basically I’m all confused and I don’t have much time to waste. Is there some tutorial outlining step by step configurating private nameservers like this one for cpanel?

If you migrated from cpanel, your dns should be setup for the domains you migrated.

For a DOC go here:

There is very little configuration to do in Virtualmin for name servers.

But, the documentation Dan pointed you to is a good resource. Also, if you have a secondary server that you intend to use for DNS:,dns_slave_auto-configuration_quickstart/

It might help if you tell us where you’re having troubles…most of the steps in the guide you’ve linked are unnecessary on a Virtualmin system, if you used our install script (and even if you didn’t, Webmin handles a lot of the setup automatically the first time you visit the BIND module).