Strange User Quota Figure and Disk Space

If I go to ‘Edit Virtual Server’ and look at quotas & limits, it shows the following:

Home disk space used (including sub-servers) 362.82 MB (2 GB by server administrator, 380 kB by mail / FTP users)
Space used by databases 12.25 MB (12.25 MB in this server, 0 bytes in sub-servers)
Total disk space used 375.07 MB

I am concerned about ‘2 GB by server administrator’ where 2GB is shown in red. Does this mean that the admins space is full? If it is, where is the data, if only 357.07mb of a 2gb total quota is used?

I have run ‘Limits and Validation/Check Disk Quotas’ and no change.

looks like I found it - a 1.6GB apache error log!