Strange problem with virtualmin scripts

OS type and version REQUIRED
Virtualmin version REQUIRED

i am using the latest virtualmin pro, but the script there is no compatible php version but i have on the server php 8.1.12 and is telling no compatible php version found

strange, something wrong with virtualmin?
thank you

sarantopoulos nikos


Virtualmin should be installed on a clean and supported OS.

What is your operating system and version?

Virtualmin installs the default PHP version that ships with the OS.

It is possible to manually install additional PHP versions (and that often is necessary, especially on a shared server), but you have to set that up yourself. If done properly, they’ll all show up in Virtualmin and will be available to whatever script or site needs them.

The exact procedure varies with the OS. The link above looks pretty current.


i have installed already php 8.1.12 but it says no compatible php version found

strange php is updated and it is also available on httpd with the version 8.1.12

thank you

it is pointless now with all this scripts that virtualmin offers that i had upgrade to virtualmin pro

thank you

problem solved it require php-fpm to work the scripts and it found the latest php version

thank you

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