Strange problem, dont know how to explain


My config is like this: is name of my host is management for webmin/virtualmin

my domain is and virtual server is setup, site is running great.

Now to the problem, I noticed that I get traffic from one hacking website.
I created account there to see what is the fuss, I search for my website and there I see 2 links:
My main website link: which is great
and if I click on this link my main site opens - which is listening on, I didnt set any aliases. How do I prevent that is presenting my main website?

I also noticed that they see that site is running on ubuntu (Ubuntnu VPS). How can I block webserver information to be visible?

Hope some one can help me.


Well, I really wouldn’t be too concerned about those things… if you’re keeping the software on your server up to date, that’s the key. Bots will be roaming the Internet and poking around at your site, trying to do all kinds of evil things – the key is just to make sure there aren’t any outstanding security issues.

Regarding the issues you mentioned though – if someone goes to your server using a given domain, but that domain isn’t configured in Apache, Apache well deliver the “Default” domain.

You can set the default domain by going into Server Configuration -> Website Options.

There’s a variety of ways to determine what distro/OS a server is running – it’s really not possible to completely hide that… you’d again just want to make sure your system and all the software on it is up to date. But if that’s important to you, you could reduce how much Apache announces by editing /etc/apache2/conf.d/security, and tweak the ServerTokens and ServerSignature parameters.