Strange logging problem

Hi guys I have a bit of a strange logging problem. Yesterday we had a storm here and the power went out over half of the city when it came back on I restarted my server. A few hours after restarting successfully I started checking my log files by going to System> System Logs> and selecting View next to the log I wanted to check.

The problem is some but not all of the logs viewed by selecting the View link are reporting all log entries for all logs. However when I go to the log file for those logs the only entries in the log file are the correct/expected entries for the log.

Does any one have any suggestions how to correct this problem?


Per haps a logrotate may help? It is a cronjob that you can run.

Hi ronald

Thanks for you reply but I had already tyred logrotate before I posted my first post so unfortunately that was of no use :(.

But as each of the affected log files receives a new log entry, even a single line, then when I view the log with the link on the System Logs page it is the same as the actual log file.

A bit hard to explain because it makes no scene.