Strange IP address for server

I am based in Portugal and I have a broadband internet
connection. My IP address is not the usual nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn
but is 2001:8a0:7bfd:2301:580d:51dc:3fd8:1738.

If I put a server on this internet connection can I use this strange
IP address to point the nameservers to ?

I have not come across this type of address before.


Thats IPv6 address and if its only one you have it could make some problems to view your website. For example too many ISP still use only IPv4 addresses and people would not be able to reach your site, well at least not directly. Its too early to base your website only on IPv6 even ARIN officially declared before a week or two they are out of IPv4. Other RIR are not in better situation but the main problem is that all major ISP still have a huge amount of IPv4 and they will not invest in their equipment until all options are exhausted e.g. waiting time for them to start using IPv6 could be measured in years if nothing drastically change.

My advice ask your host for IPv4 even if you need to pay or just move to another where you will get at least 1 or 2 IPv4 in the price of the server.

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